Elements of Magick

When practising magick you need to know the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the part they play in spellcasting.
Earth - Cattle, horses, ants,and bears are Earth animals. Earth magick is found in the trees and plants and Earth spells require your to bury objects or plant seeds. The tool of Earth is the pentacle. Earth magick is used in grounding and wealth spells.
Air - Birds, insects, and spiders are Air animals. Air magick is supported through mountains and wide open spaces and Air spells require you to fan or toss objects and to use visualization. The tool of Air is the athame or sword. Air magick is used in divination and predicting the future.
Fire - Dragons, scorpions and phoenixes are Fire animals. Fire magick is found in volcanoes, deserts, fireplaces and in the bedroom! Fire spells require you to burn an object or pass it through smoke. The tool of Fire is the wand. Fire magick is used in fertility and purification.
Water - Dolphins, dragonflies, fish and swans are Water animals. Water magick is found in lakes, seas and oceans and Water spells require you to dilute or emerse an object in Water. The tool of Water is the chalice. Water magick is used in cleansing and to represent emotions.