Dream Interpretation

Dreams are the gateway to another world where anything and everything is possible. In our dreams we can fly, become movie stars or have the wedding of our dreams all without leaving the comfort of our beds. But what do dreams really mean?
All dreams have a symbolic message for us. We process millions of images everyday and our dreams try to sort through them. Some can be obvious e.g. if we dream we are stuck in an elevator this might mean we feel trapped in a situation in real life.
Other dreams can be more obscure and some nightmares can be terrifying.
Here at moonandstarsonline.co.uk we can help you to interpret some of your dreams and help make sense of them. If you have anything particularly troubling dreams email us on: moonandstarsonline@hotmail.co.uk for a free dream interpretation.
With your permission we can publish some to our website to help others. (No names will be included with them).

Here are some of the most common dreams:

Flying: This indicates a sense of freedom and possibly astral travel. Most people will dream they are flying at least once in their life and it is a good dream to have.

Nakedness: Finding yourself standing naked in a crowded place means stripping yourself of your inhibitions or anything you don't need any more. It can also mean that you are anxious about someone seeing you for who you really are.

Floods: This is all your emotional problems being washed away and starting anew.

Fire: Fire can meaning cleansing and purification. It can also represent passion and sexual power.

Pathways: Trying to find your way in life or having to make a choice.

These are only a few interpretations and it does depend on the rest of the dream as to how it is taken.

Dream Interpretation - 1

I dreamt that I was standing in an empty building with no windows and the door wouldn't open.The floor was painted red. 
I tried to escape but no matter where I turned I couldn't get out. 
I tried to call out but no sound came out of my mouth.

The woman in question here is feeling trapped in a situation, because the colour red appears in her dream this is most likely a romantic situation or a relationship that she feels caught in. She is trying to voice her feelings but the other person is not listening to her. She is most likely worried that if she leaves it will make things worse. She needs to figure out a way to get the other person to listen to her and decide what is best for her in the relationship. If it is not one she is happy in then she should consider leaving it. It may be hard at first but she will be better off for it.