Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz is known as the master healing crystal it is the 2nd most abundant mineral on Earth. It can amplify
energy and has the power to absorb negative energy. It works against electromagnetic smog and can help cleanse and environment. It can harmonize the chakras and revitalize you. A very useful stone to have beside your computer.


Citrine is the crystal form of quartz that is yellow in colour. It promotes happiness and joy and works on the navel 
chakra. An optimistic stone it can aide in creativity and career success.


Sapphire is known as the stone of loyalty and fidelity, it is used in engagement rings.Sapphire is actually the birthstone for September. It promotes truth and faithfulness. 


Opals come in multi coloured forms and are a very soft stone that can be damaged easily. They can aid in healing and it was believed years ago that they had the power to make someone invisible. They are not actually crystals but hardened silica gel instead. Their colours make them a very attractive stone particularly the fire opal.


Topaz is the stone of truth, happiness and friendship. It comes in several colours including blue, pink, green and gold. It helps us to be more aware of our actions and how they affect our Karma. It aides in easing asthma and blood disorders.


Diamond is one of the hardest substances on Earth. They are good for coughs. It can enhance the strength of Amethysts and Emeralds.


Aventurine is a luck gemstone. Green Aventurine is known as the heart chakra stone and helps to increase perception.


Amethyst is the birthstone for February and was used in the past to aid headaches and to prevent drunkenness. 


Ruby encourages passion and energy. It is used to motivate people to each their goals and to be fearless.


Turquoise was used in Ancient Egypt for protection against unnatural death. It can be used to counteract depression.


Emeralds are used for good luck and well being. It is one of the most valuable gemstones.


Hematite grounds us. It connects us with the Earth and protects us. It helps dispel negativity.