Summer Offer

Find out what the next few months have in store for you 
Full reading via email only £7.50
Email: moonandstarsonline@hotmail.co.uk
Appointments made same day (where possible)

Tarot Readings

ail moonandstarsonline@hotmail.co.uk with two questions.
Payment made via Paypal to the same email address.
Please note any emails sent after 10pm are unlikely to be answered until the following day.

Welcome to Moon and Stars online, a website dedicated to spiritualism, psychic development and magic.  As well as information on the craft we offer you Wiccan supplies such as candles, crystals, spell kits and tarot readings. We will also have information on different holidays and traditions to anyone who wants to learn more about them. 

We are starting out small but I hope this website will grow over time and that you will find it informative and useful. We would like to hear from you via our email at: 

moonandstarsonline@hotmail.co.uk We are also on Facebook called MOON STARS. We now have a new blog!

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please let us know.

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